Transit Of Venus 06/06/12

Transit Of Venus 06/06/12
 First close up of the Transit, shame the clouds were 100% when it was fully on the disc, but glad to have got something......


 I didn't think with all the clouds about this morning that there was much chance of getting anything, had a coffee, and then the Sun could be seen throught the heavy clouds, so got the last 12 mins of the Transit....

Pleased to have got something though.......Typical, when it was all over, the clouds vanished and it was a clear full disc.....ho hum, if it had only been 10 mins earlier.....

With it being cold wet and windy outside, had time to finish the Venus Transit image I have been working on.
It was my backup plan as the weather was not looking good in the UK, so booked a set of images with the MicroObservatory run by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
Town: Amado, State: AZ, Country: USA
Telescope's Name: Donald.

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