Simple, cheap and quick solar finder

With a lot of people finding it hard to locate the Sun once they have made a solar filter out of Baader solar film, here is a quick, cheap and easy finder you can make...
All you need it a couple of pop bottle lids, a coffee stick like you get in cafes to stir drinks with, and either electrical tape or glue.
Bottle tops, coffee stick and tape.

Make a hole in one of the lids in the middle.
Cut the stick in half.
Tape the sticks to the two bottle lids.

Tape to the scope, the sticks align it to the tube, but once you have found the Sun, best to tweek the finder so the image in the centre of the read lid.

Sun refelcted through the front hole and onto the read lid....MK 2 now has a bigger hole and glued the sticks to the lids.

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