Analemma 2016

Happy Solstice Everybody.
Solar Analemma
A Solar Analemma is a graph or plot that shows the position of the Sun in the sky at a single location and at the same time of the day throughout a year.
This is a years work that I started June 21st 2015.
Always wanted to have a go at one, and with the opportunity to get a dedicated dslr that I could use just for this project, it was all systems go.
The 18mm-55mm stock lens on a Canon 1000D was not quite wide enough to fit it all in, and not having the money to spend on a super wide angle lens, I purchased a 0.45x58mm digital wide angle converter which turned the 18mm into a 8mm lens, this worked fine as there was a bit of vignetting at its widest, but that was easily cropped out of the finial image.
A filter cell was made with Baader solar film which helped on overcast days to up the exposure to get the dot of the Sun.
Next a quick release bracket was obtained and the camera section fitted to the tripod mounting hole on the canon and the release bit was screwed to a post at the right angle for the camera, this allowed the same position each time.
I found that about 7-10 days between the images was fine, as less than 4 days the image of the Sun overlapped it self.
The landscape image was taken today the 20th June 2016 and the weekly Sun images imposed over the top.
I may get a better background image with less clouds, but we are in the UK and took me about 2 hours waiting for a gap in the right place to get it all finished for today's Solstice...
Hope you like it.....

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