Stargazing Live 2017


  1. Is there a charge for this?

  2. All free, and refreshments will be available.

    schedule for the evening so far is.....

    6:00 Welcome
    6:30 Solar viewing and Sunset
    7:00 ISS talk (Ross Hockham)
    7:30 ISS pass (Outside)
    8:00 Planets & solar system talk (Ross Hockham)
    8:30 View the Planets (live outside.)
    9:00 Beginners guide to astronomy
    (Naked eye, binocular, scope)Talk (Ross Hockham)
    9:30 Outside to see the Waning Crescent Moon 27%
    All free, refreshments will be available and any donations are for the Lord Mayors charity which is Mcmillan cancer trust.

    A variety of telescopes will be available to observe through, and a guide on Mobile phone photography by the one and only Richard Matthews, why not have a go at taking a photo of the Moon through one of the scopes?

    All are welcome.....