Modified spc900 for PST

With not being able to get focus on the PST with the SPC900 webcam, I decided to rehouse it in a nice little box I found in Maplins.
As the chip needs to be within 5mm of the top of the eyepiece holder on the PST.

After removing the camera board from the original case, it fits nicely into the new Maplins box.
A hole was cut in the front of the box, and the square surround with 4 screws that hold it to the main board can be unscrewed and used to hold the board in the new case.

With the nose piece attached it still is not within 5mm of the eyepiece holder, so a bit of cutting down was needed.  This was easy with a hacksaw.
Now the cut down eyepiece was sanded to make it a light tight seal on the main box, then using super glue it was attached to the box.
You can see the square lens holder and the cut down eyepiece holder.  This now places the chip within the 5mm needed for focus on the PST.  On reflection, instead of rehousing the whole camera, it may get focus to just do the nosepiece modd...
It would be worth a go at just removing the nose, and just using the webcam to see how close you need to get it before reboxing....
Now it fits close and gets focus very well,  I also added a UV/IR filter to protect the chip from dust.   

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